Frequently Asked Questions

Hearing FAQs

Hearing loss is pervasive in our society. Hearing loss affects approximately 13% of teenagers, about 15% of young adults, about 33% of those aged 69-74 and almost half of Americans aged 75 or older. Although so prevalent, our society doesn’t spend much time educating the public about hearing loss. Many are confused about the ways hearing loss can affect one’s life, the signs or hearing loss, or the impact of using hearing aids. Here, we answer some frequently asked questions about hearing loss and hearing aids.

Facts & Fictions about Hearing Loss

Hearing aids have been proven to boost cognitive function and improve emotional wellbeing. But did you know that only 20 percent of the people who could benefit from hearing aids wear them? This might be due to certain misconceptions that exist about hearing loss. Here are five common facts and fictions about this prevalent health condition.